5 Tips for Selling Your Home

1. Cleaning
Wouldn’t you think this is obvious? To some, this tip needs to be stressed. The two main factors a seller has control of when listing his or her home for sale is price and condition. Cleaning is the most cost efficient way to enhance the condition of your home. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes when selling your house. Would you rather buy a home that is messy or a home that is clean?
Too often I show buyers homes that are not clean and it amazes me, first, that people don’t realize they need to clean in order to help the property sell and, second, that the listing agent wouldn’t assist their sellers by advising them to keep the house spotless! Many buyers will walk in and out of a listed house in a matter of seconds if it is not clean. Hiring a cleaning team once a week, or maintaining the cleanliness of your home yourself, is extremely inexpensive when you consider the return on investment.
Making sure your home is spotless will not only give you the best opportunity to sell but will increase the home’s value. This will ensure that you net the highest amount on the sale of your home as well as increase your chances of getting it sold!

2. Landscaping
Homes with serious curb appeal make great first impressions. A well-landscaped home is going to improve the home’s condition and that will directly influence the price of the home. By ensuring your home looks great when potential buyers pull up you’ll immediately create an emotional response.
Looking for landscaping inspiration? Check this out.
There are a lot of different things you can do to improve your landscaping. Simply cleaning the yard is a good place to start.  If you’re going to invest money into landscaping, gather expert opinions from as many real estate professionals as possible. Be aware of the average price range of other houses in the neighborhood, since that is one of the first things buyers’ agents are going to look at. If you are on the high end of the price range already, it doesn’t make sense to invest $20,000 into your outdoor space.
Imagine you’re going on a first date. Are you more likely to be excited about the date with someone who shows up looking nice, or someone who is looking disheveled?
The same goes with real estate. Pretend like your home is going on a date and the landscaping is the outfit you’re dressing it in. The clothes matter and so do the colors.

3. Painting
A great way to improve the value of your home is by adding a fresh coat of paint, both interior and exterior. The smell of fresh paint is another benefit that registers with the sensory cortex inside the brain of buyers. It registers as ‘new’.
Painting is one of the first things you should consider when selling. If you are going to paint the exterior, be sure to keep it a neutral color. According to a new analysis by Zillow, a home that is painted “greige”, a shade between light gray and beige sold for $3,500 more than similar homes in brown or tan. Additionally, a fresh coat of paint can add anywhere from a 100-500% return on investment! 

4. Remodeling
There are a number of different remodeling projects you can do to add value to your home before selling it. Some of the remodeling that real estate agents will recommend involves addressing the weaknesses of the house, including the kitchen, family area, and bathrooms. You want to put yourself in the mind of the buyers, and understand that they’re also looking at other homes for sale in the neighborhood.
The most important part of any home is the kitchen and the family area. This is because a lot of time is spent in these two rooms. When you are entertaining guests, they are most likely to be in your kitchen and family room while inside the house.
Some things to be wary of are pricing your home outside of the neighborhood. Don’t go crazy with your remodels if it doesn’t make sense for your area. You wouldn’t want to start adding square footage or updating the flooring of your home if you’re already in the higher price range.

5. Bathroom Addition
Adding a bathroom can add serious value to your house. Other than the kitchen, the bathrooms have become important to buyers and especially the location inside the home.
The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has calculated that a half bath may add up to 10.5% to a home’s value and that a full bath can add an additional 20%.
When doing a bathroom addition, know where the plumbing is. This is probably the main factor in determining what the cost is going to be to add a bath. You don’t want a plumber spending hours inside of your home working on pipes or your bill will run up fast.
Also, don’t go crazy on your home in comparison to your neighbor’s. Know the value of your neighborhood and where your home stands when compared to others. Listen to your local experts and figure out if a bathroom addition makes sense for your home sale.
If you cannot afford a new bathroom the best thing to do is give your current baths a facelift with paint and freshening them up in any way possible. It will certainly help the home show better.

Final Thoughts on Home Improvements
The first three tips can be executed at a relatively low cost, and they make sense for every home. Cleaning is the cheapest and the most important. It shows buyers that your home has been well maintained, especially when compared to some others that are left a mess. If you have kids or pets and you’re trying to sell your home it may make cleaning a bit more difficult, but it’s still an absolute must! A neat yard and fresh coat of paint are also low-cost, but effective.
Consult with a contractor to determine if an outdoor patio, a remodel, or an additional bathroom is a right move for you. When you’re preparing to sell your home, it also makes sense to consult with a mortgage lender should you plan to buy another house as well.
If you want sure-fire ways to improve your home’s value when you list it for sale, there you have it. These home improvements are sure to please buyers, and benefit you on the return!

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