Whether you’re embarking on your first real estate transaction or you’re a seasoned veteran, having the right real estate agent is crucial to a smooth process. But with the many agents in the Southern Arizona alone, how are you expected to find the right one for you?
The Apex Team was voted the Best Agents and Group in Tucson by The Arizona Daily Star. In our featured video Real Estate Agent Scott Autenreith explains why you should choose an Apex Agent.
Once you have a couple of options, call the agents and set up a time to go over some basic, but absolutely essential questions.

How long have you been selling real estate?
This question is key because it can lead to so much more than simply a number of years. While it is true that experience doesn’t necessarily equal success, real estate is a commission-based business and it would be very difficult for an agent to survive for a long time providing awful service. An agent who has seen many different situations is less likely to be rattled should any bumps be encountered down the road.
The Apex Team: Over 10 years of experience.

What is your average number of clients?
Or if you really want to be blunt: Do you, and will you, have enough time for me? No one wants to feel as if they’re thrown to the wayside while their agent is working with dozens of other clients. If your agent is working with a high volume of clients, find out how he or she plans to remedy the situation should you need additional support. Does she have other team members who can help? Does she have a licensed assistant who can offer advice?
The Apex Team: Has a complete team that encompasses the entire process.

Are you part of a team?
Working with a team can have many benefits, but the relationship you will have with the other members should be clarified from the get-go. Within a team, its members will have a wider level of experience and you will often find one has more intimate knowledge of specific situations than another. However, it should be disclosed up front if the team plans for you to work with one agent the duration of the transaction, or if you will be meeting with different people at different times. You shouldn’t expect to work with just one agent, only to find you’re passed around at every step along the way.
The Apex Team: Yes a full team that include transaction coordination, accounting, marketing, client needs and more.

Are you equipped to handle my unique situation?
Are you a long-term investor, first-time homebuyer, house flipper, or selling an estate? These are just a few of the unique scenarios you may find yourself and you don’t want an agent who has little to no experience in your specific area. Don’t be fooled by someone who answers the question with, “Don’t worry, I’ve dealt with this before.” Ask the agent what unique issues could arise and how she would handle them.
The Apex Team: Our complete team has experts in Buying, Selling, Investment, Construction and Management.

What type of communication should I expect from you?
At this point, you should already notice if you and the agent understand how each other communicates. Equally important, this should be where you both set expectations for how often you should be updated, the best methods to use and who all needs to be kept in the loop. These should be determined by what makes you, as the client, feel most comfortable.
The Apex Team: Our team have open communication and guide you through the process.

Do you have a recommended vendors list?
An experienced agent will have developed trusted relationships with other industry professionals over a long period of time. From lenders and title companies to contractors and inspectors, your agent should be able to refer you to multiple sources so you can ultimately determine who works best for you. These should be recommendations, nothing more – the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act gives you the right to choose who you work with every step of the way.
The Apex Team: We have the best associates and partners in Southern Arizona.

Can I have the contact information for three references?
While an agent should be able to accurately judge the customer service provided, no one can better say than his past clients. Obviously, agents won’t be handing out information for clients who hated them, so take what they say with a grain of salt. Ask specific, open-end questions based on your priorities.
The Apex Team: Our clients and referrals can be viewed on our website, social media,Zillow and more.

What questions do you have for me?
This is the most important question you will ask. The true determination of a person’s mindset and priorities is exposed by the questions she asks. Anyone can ask how much you want to sell your house for or how many bathrooms you want in your new home. If an agent takes the time to get to know you, your goals and your priorities, this is an excellent indicator he is already setting a foundation of client-centered service, for which there is no substitute.
The Apex Team: We are focused and have been recognized for delivering the best service in Southern Arizona.

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